Founded in 1995, Search Innovations serves Fortune 1000 and not-for-profit clients in attracting executive  talent.  Operating at the VP, SVP and EVP level, as well as the "C-Suite," Search Innovations delivers candidates in a wide range of industries. Key to our success is our view that we are students of corporate culture, looking to fill each executive role by matching the uniqueness of each client. This keen focus on culture matching drives our overall record in long-tenured placements.

Search Innovations was founded on principals of executive search research, which assures that our clients gain access to a wide array of candidates, so as to best match their unique culture. In its beginnings, Search Innovations provided "candidate sourcing" or research services to some of the biggest names in executive search.  When the big search houses couldn't find a candidate, they called Search Innovations.   As our firm grew and took on its own corporate clients, we earned a reputation for: 1) our commitment and skill in partnering with clients on 'difficult to fill' positions; 2) initiating regular productive communication with both client and candidate; and 3) our fresh, candid perspectives on candidates.  In the recruiting process, Search Innovations views its role as the source of the available talent and as culture consultant.  Thus, our goal is both to fill the immediate executive opening and, as important, to assure that our clients make hiring decisions that will ensure business success for years to come.